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The price charged for your grooming visit varies depending on the size of dog and condition of the coat as my prices are based on the amount of work involved.

Payment is by cash, Paypal or credit card.

Please call me for a more precise quote, but below is a guide to what to expect. You can also get your dog or puppy washed, and coat tidied for half the price listed for the smaller breeds.  

Dog and Puppy Grooming Price List

Types of Dog

Regulars (8 weeks

and over)

Matted or badly behaved


Half adult rate

Half adult rate

Yorkshire Terrier/Chihuahua


€50 - €55

West Highland Terrier/Shih Tzu/King Charles/Bichon Frise Cocker Spaniel Pomeranian


€55 - €60


€55 - 65


Waggy Tails Dog  and Puppy Grooming at Golden, Cashel, County Tipperary.  Professional Dog Groomer -  Clipping, Scissoring, Brushing, Trimming      

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